Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm back in Boston.
I got back last week
I took a red eye flight.
I think they call it the red eye because if you don't sleep through the flight,
you'll probably get pissed then your eyes will turn red...or maybe not.
I think not.
I liked being in LA.
I know a a lot of people who don't though.
I think my only gripe with being out there was that there were 2 earthquakes in one week.
That's crazy!
I've never been in an earthquake my entire life, then I go for a visit and BAM,
2 earthquakes.
They weren't bad where I was.
It kind of felt like a train was driving by or something.
Not too many of my friends felt it.
And I felt like a lot of people weren't concerned.
But c'mon...2 eathquakes!

Also, I got a load of parking tickets out there.
Other than the earthquakes and the parking tickets,
I like LA.
But I wasn't right in LA, I was in Glendale.
So maybe I should say I like Glendale.
I like LA too though.