Friday, August 31, 2012

Over the last year or so the union(AFTRA) I was a member of due to past appearances on tv combined with the other union(SAG). Because of this, I am now a member of both. IMG_1682

I always associated SAG to be more of a union for hardcore thespian types. So I love that I am in it now.

Every once in a blue moon I get asked to audition for a part in a movie but it's VERY rare. For some reason I was asked to audition for 2 movies over the last month. Which clearly must be a sign that the world is ending! ;-)

In all honestly I think I ALWAYS display my acting ability at these auditions I've been too but not when I read the lines from the script. I think it's more from when I show up and "act" like I'm not surprised that I was invited to the audition. :-)

Have a nice Labor Day weekend, everyone!
I'm going to be doing a 25k(15 mile) race on Labor Day in Gloucester. I'm really excited to do it because I don't get out to Gloucester often and part of the course goes through Rockport(which I've never been to). I'm a little worried about it too because there are a bunch of hills in it. I'm pretty sure I've trained properly to handle all of it but hoping the hills factor doesn't slow me down too much. 
We'll see...I imagine I won't embarrass myself TOO much! ;-)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I use these things to clean my glasses:

I keep an absurd supply of them in my pocketbook
whenever I open my pocketbook they have a tendency to fall out and land on the floor.
Whenever this happens I always feel the need to hold them up and announce to everyone in the room, I use them to clean my glasses!

Because I think if someone were to look quick at these packets they might mistake them for condoms.
I just want to make it clear to everyone in the room that I am over prepared to clean my glasses not over prepared for something else...

Friday, August 17, 2012

This morning when I was walking home from jogging, 
a dog ran at me then jumped on me and tried to grab my bottled water out of my hand.

Do dogs normally do that? 

I don't think they do, but a moment later the dog's owner came running after him and yelled,

Rocky! Leave her alone! That's her bottled water!

When I was a kid I had a dog named Snowball and she would have NEVER ran and jumped on people and tried to grab drinks out of their hand. Why?
a) I always walked her with a leash

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I was waiting at a bus stop the other day.
A guy was standing next to me and waiting too.
An older woman(I'd guess she was in her 80's or 90's) was driving  but stopped when she got to us and yelled out her window, 

Do you two want a ride?

Me and the guy both said, No.

When she drove away, I looked at the guy and said, 
Who the hell does that?!

Then he said, 
That was nice of her.

Then we stood there in silence waiting for the bus.

This morning I went to Stop and Shop at about 7am because I was out of blueberries. I'm not complaining. I'm just stating the facts: it was 7am-ish and I was buying blueberries.

Believe it or not there was actually a line to wait in because other people had decided they needed to buy things at 7am-ish too. How dare they! The guy in front of me in line saw that all I was buying was my blueberries and said, "That's all you're getting? You can cut me in line. Go ahead!".

So I did.

The question is, who the hell has the audacity to be kind at 7am-ish?!

As I was leaving I saw that he was letting a number other people cut him in line as well...

In conclusion, I'm not sure if he was a kind man or a mentally unstable man. In either case, I appreciate it.
Last night I had a nightmare that I was driving down a highway
there was a herd of children dressed in bright pink astronaut outfits who were competing in a marathon.
The children were running in the direction of my car.
The nightmare was having to dodge all of them.
I ended up being late for a comedy show as a result(in the dream).
What does it mean?!