Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gross Fake Diner

Going to a diner in my dream the other night made me wake up an hour later then I meant to wake up in the morning.
That's what I get for going to a strange uninviting diner to grab some coffee(in my dream).
Everyone who worked there was rude.
I hadn't even asked for coffee and they had already started yelling,
We only sell hot dog related foods here!
I should have heeded their blunt warning yell and left but for some reason in the dream I was idiotically determined to prove these people wrong.
Oh they'll have my coffee even though they claim to have only hot dog related foods here!

So I went to the counter and said,
Do you guys have coffee?

To which they replied,
Is coffee made from hot dogs? No! But we can put hot dogs in a blender for you.

I should have left after that but again I stayed and tried to "fight" for coffee.
I did this by asking again and again for it. Then I went so far as to challenge everyone who worked at the diner to an arm wrestling match. I lost all of the matches to all of them.
After I lost I said,
The only reason you all beat me was because I need coffee. I would have beaten all of you if I had just had a cup of coffee!

They answered me back by saying,
The reason we all beat you was because we ate our hot dog related food!

It went back and forth like this until I woke up and looked at my clock and saw that I had woken up an hour later
realized I had stumbled across the worst excuse for being late for something.

Why am I late?
Because I went to a new diner in my dream to grab coffee and they wouldn't give it to me because they claimed they only had hot dog related foods. I argued with the people in my dream for an hour. If they had just given me my coffee in the dream I would have been here on time,