Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've been doing a lot of thinking...

wondering why these merry go round horses look like they're going through a tough/hellish time:

It seems like they might scare kids.
I don't remember thinking merry go round horses were scary as a kid
maybe I blocked out the memory of that and one day I will be walking down the street and suddenly it will all come flooding back and I'll start weeping.
Then maybe someone will say to me,
What's wrong? What are you thinking about?
I'll simply reply,
Merry go rounds...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Are fly swatters still "in"?

I used a fly swatter to kill a bug the other day
as I did that I thought,
Wow, this feels so 80's!
It made me wonder if something more advanced has been invented to replace it yet
I'm not aware of it.
Is there a fly-laser-gun that comes with safety goggles yet?
I wouldn't be surprised if there was.
I wouldn't buy it
I'm just saying that if it existed I wouldn't be too impressed.
I'd stick with fly swatter.
I think it's more dignified.