Monday, April 16, 2007

In pre-school I showed signs of having issues with being photographed.
I am the one with the clenched fist who is glaring at the camera.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

One night I was driving to a show and it was really nice out, so I had the windows down.
I was stopped at a red light.
Suddenly to my right I hear a guy's voice say,
"Let me see you smile! C'mon!"
At first I didn't look over because I thought, "There is no way that is being directed to me.
Who yells that out to the car next to them at a red light?"
Then I heard the voice again.
I looked over
sure enough he was talking to me and he again urged me to smile, only this time he beeped the horn on his car after he said it.
Then he said it again and again.
I don't know why but I gave in and smiled, in a very fake way.
Then the light turned green and he said,
"That's what I'd talking about!"
and sped off.
I kind of made me feel like I had a lost a bet or something.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's been about 3 years since I've had a cigarette.
I'm pretty much at the point where the smell of cigarettes sickens me
I can't even imagine going there again.
People always ask how I quit.
I think the motivation came from people asking me,
"Since when do you smoke!? You never seemed like the smoking type!"
whenever I was smoking a cigarette.
And they were right. I never was the smoking type, until college.
Then I suddenly became the chain smoking type.
I can't believe I was
I don't even remember how that got started...
I do however remember standing outside once
putting the wrong end of the cigarette in my mouth
lighting the end that's supposed to go in your mouth
it bursting into flames.
Thus proving, that I am indeed not the smoking type.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


One of the wonderful things in my hometown of Saugus is the big orange dinosaur that is at the miniature golf course on the highway.
It's a well known landmark
sadly tragedy has struck...

Friday, April 06, 2007

Have a Happy Easter everybody!(if that's your thing)

This is one of those rare years where Greek Easter falls on the same day as regular Easter.
Last night I did a bit of a longer set at The Comedy Studio
had so much fun.
The Comedy Studio is in Cambridge by Harvard Square.
I always love going back there because it is one of the clubs I started out at and it was kind of my home away from home when I was in college.
I do longer sets all the time, but it's been while since I've done one there.
I've never bothered to tape myself doing a longer set
even though I have been performing since I was a teenager I've always felt VERY uncomfortable whenever I know am being video taped or photographed while I'm performing.
It has always made me not put on as good of a show.
Something about the camera has creeped me out in the past.
Yes, I know that's weird.
But over the last 2 years I think I've started to finally get over that.
It took long enough, huh?
Now I'll just have to get over watching myself after I've taped a show...
I bet within at least 10 years I'll be able to watch footage of myself without cringing ;-)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I have been doing A LOT of writing lately
I don't know where it's going.
I've basically written a lot of little things that maybe if I just mixed them together they could be one cool long thing.
I don't want to explain it right now.
But I just thought I should post this to explain why I haven't been posting here so much
talking about what I've been doing with comedy.
I just want to see if I can finish this thing first.
That probably doesn't make sense, does it?
Hopefully it will though...