Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I sat near a guy on the T(Boston's version of a subway) yesterday who was sketching on his notepad.
It reminded me of myself when I was a teenager and thought I was going to pursue a career in art.
At that time I was to shy to attempt anything like stand-up and it was a struggle for me to even muster up the courage to audition for a school play.
So the way I'd "put on show" back then was to just sketch drawings in my sketchbook in public.
I noticed that if you did this people would sometimes gather around you and watch you like an audience and you didn't even have to talk.
I first discovered this phenomenon when I took drawing classes at the Museum of Fine Arts and I did my sketching outside one day. A group of people gathered around me and watched me draw.
I remember thinking,
Wow, I wish this were my job. To just draw pictures in front of an audience.
I ended up not pursuing art as my career because not to long after that I started writing stories for my classes in school and getting room fulls of people to laugh at them.
When this starting happening, I began to think,
Wow, I wish this were my job to write things and say or read them in front of rooms full of people and make them laugh.
I was able to make that a reality through doing stand-up.
I chose to make art my hobby.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yesterday one of the papers said that we are expecting 13.1 inches of snow
the other day I signed up for another half marathon which is 13.1 miles.
This must mean...nothing!