Friday, January 20, 2006


I bet there are people who are very devoted to throwing boomerangs.
I want to meet them and talk to them about that.
They probably make fun of people who use frisbees.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Are frisbees even sold in stores?

I find it hard to believe they are.
I think some guy just makes them in his basement then when they're done he yells,
"Quick lets hand these out to people. We could all use a frisbee!"

I'm sure frisbees are sold in stores
I'm sure plenty of people buy them.

I just don't appreciate them because they are always being handed to me.
People are always offering me frisbees for free.
Maybe if I spent my hard earned money on one I would love them
I would even call friends to go frisbee tossing with them.

This post is so deep.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I've never been a fan of frisbees.
Not once have I ever called someone up and said,

"Guess who just got a brand new frisbee!? Wanna go to the park and have some good 'ol fashioned frisbee tossing fun!"

But people do this.
They go to the park in a group and toss a frisbee to one another.
I've seen them.

I have never ogananized a frisbee get together.
I never plan on it either.
Yet ever since childhood people have always given me frisbees.
I think that's a weird thing to give someone.
"Here, have a frisbee. Go play fetch. You look like you like that."
People always give me frisbees
I am always told that, "I won."
"Guess what you've won Val!?"
"A frisbee! You just won a frisbee!".

I don't want anymore frisbees.
Please stop.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Emailing List

I am trying to fix my emailing list and actually start using it.
If you would like to be on it and recieve updates on shows and other comedy stuff
then email me:

Put "emailing list" in the subject heading.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

So I know the subject of the weather is very common in small talk.
But the other day someone asked me,
"So when's the storm coming?"
And they asked it as though they really thought I would know the answer.
Like maybe I was the authority on weather.
For some reason this made me feel proud.
It made me think, awesome it's about time someone asked for my take on the weather.
So I replied to them(in a very confident tone) and said,
"I have no idea."

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!

2005 was a great year. I got to do so many cool things.
I'll just mention 2 of them, because I don't feel like writing a novel.

1. I got to tour colleges, which was so much fun.
A few years ago I used to do this thing on stage where I would announce to the audience that my next comedy career goal was to be a road comic. I would then play a game with them called "Getting Ready for the Road". I was just goofing around about the the whole thing. But then I actually started doing shows where I had to travel to get to them. So my "next comedy career goal" became a reality.

2. My stand-up appeared on tv.
I've always loved watching tv. But being on tv is different. Cameras creep me out. I've always preferred doing any kind of live show(without the presence of a camera). But this year I did standup in front of a camera and it made it's way to tv, and I actually didn't mind. It was both fun and exciting. I'm still not the biggest fan of being in front of a camera, but I KNOW I'll get over it.
How do I know?
Well before I started doing standup, public speaking creeped me out, and I always hated it. I was always a huge fan of comedy, but whenever I saw a comedian on tv doing standup I would say,
"I don't know how they do it. I could never imagine getting up and talking in front of a room full of strangers AND making them laugh. That is something you will NEVER see me do.

But now here I am...

Thanks again for all of your support.