Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Attack of the Bumble Bee
Today as I was waiting to pull onto a highway, I heard a large buzzing noise
discovered that there was a bumble bee in the car and it was flying very close to me
looked like it might land on my arm.
For some reason when this happened I thought:
Don't show it your fear! That will only provoke it. Bees smell fear!
Then I realized this was stupid
decided the smartest thing to do was stare at the bee and send it a telepathic message saying:
Please leave you are kind of scaring me because I didn't realize bumble bees were this furry. Just leave and fly out the window before I pull onto the highway.
Sure enough the bee did leave and fly out the window
I don't think it was because of my telepathic message.
I think it was because it was bored because I didn't start screaming
it saw that there were no flowers in the car.

It happened quickly but I'm pretty sure the bee looked EXACTLY like this:

Be on the lookout!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Today was the Boston marathon.
I think it's amazing that everyone who did it, did it
I'm sure it must feel so rewarding to complete the running of that.
But for me the biggest reward would be wearing the silver/aluminum cape that is given to you when you are finished.
I saw a bunch of people walking around Boston wearing them today
it made me want to train for a marathon for that one reason alone:
to have an excuse to walk around the streets of Boston wearing a large shimmery silver cape.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I take back what I said about my drivers licence picture earlier(the "UGH" part).
I think it's fine.
I just look more fierce without my glasses:

Ok, now I can go start my night.

I think I may have just taken my worst driver's license photo EVER.
I was all prepared to take an awesome photo but then suddenly the woman who was about to snap my picture said,
Just take off your glasses.

Just take off my glasses?!
Are you kidding me?!
My glasses are my shield .
Without them I apparently...
take a drivers license photo where I look like a serial killer.

That's what I look like in my new photo: a serial killer.

I showed the picture tp my sister
she said,
Whoa, you look like a serial should have just asked them to take it again.

She's right, I should have
for some reason I didn't.

Taking off my glasses unexpectedly makes me lose all logic.

Now I am trapped with another dreadful license photo yet again!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's about that time

I always hear people complain when they have to go to the dmv
I am very much looking forward to my upcoming visit.
It's time for me to renew my drivers license.
I am poised to walk into that building and take a photo for my license that comes out awesome.
I've had four years(or so) to plan for this and now the time has come where I can say good bye to my old photo where I am making an odd face
say hello to a new photo where I am hopefully making a less odd face.

I hope I don't blow it!
Otherwise I'll have to make another committment to a photo I'm not happy with for another few years
I'll have to continue cringing everytime someone says,
Can I see your I.D.?