Thursday, May 27, 2004


Someone keeps calling my cell phone and asking for "Chris"...
This person is relentless.
On one of his phone calls he mocked me.
Not with words just with the tone of his voice.
I bet he doesn't even know anyone named "Chris".
What an asshole.
But this isn't even really about that this is just an excuse for me to say.
"my cell phone".

Yeah, I own a cell phone, and I like to brag about it.
I've owned it for awhile, but I just decided I want to start bragging about it now.
Maybe for a week or so. Probably less than that though.
Maybe just for Memorial Day weekend.

Whenever I wave hello to people, I'll wave with "my cell phone".

Whenever I'm with a group of people I'll yell,
"I have to take this, this call on "my cell phone"
I'll even yell that when no one has called.
No I won't .
This is stupid, I don't want to brag about my cell phone anymore.
I'm done!

I think I really do need a blog coach...

Friday, May 07, 2004


Some change fell out of my pocket book the other day
splattered all over the sidewalk.

I know you're saying,
"Big deal Val. Big Deal"

"Well, shut up!", is my reply to that comment.

Things like this usually don't happen.
Not to me!

A woman who saw the whole thing happen, from her apartment window, dashed over to me.

When she was make-out distance away from me she shouted,
"Someone dropped their change, and I think it was you!"

"No, I think it was you!", I replied so quickly that she was taken aback.

A crowd gathered around us.
Curious about why we were shouting at each other
to figure out who had really dropped the change.

After a long pause, the woman bitch slapped me then,
"Pick it up. Pick up YOUR change"

"No," I whispered back in a Swedish accent.

The crowd grew more curious because of the fact that they couldn't hear what we were saying since we were whispering.

I quickly grew tired of all the attention and all the lies.
It was time to come clean and let everyone move on with their lives.

"Listen everyone, this woman is right. I did drop the change."

The crowd collectively gasped.

I picked up the change(all 7 pennies),
then walked away from the scene.

I never got that woman's name...

I bet it was Sally.