Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Hot Air Balloon Incident

This is a picture of a hot air balloon that hangs in my parents' home. It isn't the best picture. It was taken at nighttime(which explains the bad lighting) and it was taken in a rush(which might explain why it's slightly blurred).

The picture was taken on a night in the 1980's when me and my family were spending our summer in Deerfield, New Hampshire. We were indoors when we suddenly heard a loud roaring noise outside. It sounded like a lion and I assumed it was but when we scurried outside to take a look we found out that it was actually a hot air balloon falling out of the sky. It ended up landing in the center of a pond behind our cottage. It was a big to do to everyone who lived around that pond. Everyone came together to help the 2 people on the hot air balloon get out of the balloon basket and get to land.

In my little 6 year old world. It was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. Whenever I could, I would tell anyone I met about how it had happened because I was convinced nothing else this interesting would ever occur in my life.

I finally stopped telling people about it(yesterday). ;-)