Thursday, May 27, 2004


Someone keeps calling my cell phone and asking for "Chris"...
This person is relentless.
On one of his phone calls he mocked me.
Not with words just with the tone of his voice.
I bet he doesn't even know anyone named "Chris".
What an asshole.
But this isn't even really about that this is just an excuse for me to say.
"my cell phone".

Yeah, I own a cell phone, and I like to brag about it.
I've owned it for awhile, but I just decided I want to start bragging about it now.
Maybe for a week or so. Probably less than that though.
Maybe just for Memorial Day weekend.

Whenever I wave hello to people, I'll wave with "my cell phone".

Whenever I'm with a group of people I'll yell,
"I have to take this, this call on "my cell phone"
I'll even yell that when no one has called.
No I won't .
This is stupid, I don't want to brag about my cell phone anymore.
I'm done!

I think I really do need a blog coach...

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