Monday, October 04, 2004


I started to do some traveling for comedy recently.
And so far I really like it.

I went to South Dakota State University and Central College in Iowa, a couple of weeks ago.
Both shows went well.

The show at South Dakota State University, was my first show that I ever did where I had to travel far for, and I was the only one performing.
When I got to the airport in South Dakota, I was picked up and told that the show was going to be at an auditorium that seats 1,000.
I got a little bit scared when I heard this, because I haven't really been on tv(aka no one has ever heard of me). I immediately envisioned myself walking to a microphone on stage and and talking to an empty auditorium with maybe 2 students staring blankly at me.
I wouldn't even do my stand-up. I would just bang the microphone against my head, and keep saying,"Hey is this thing on?"
The words echoing tragically.

Before the show I rode around on campus in a car with students to promote the show. One person hung out the window in the front passenger seat and yelled things like, "Hey everyone comedian Val Kappa tonight at 7:00!", into a megaphone.
I've never seen show promotion like that before. It was great.

When it was time for the show. There was a good turn out.
I did an hour of stand-up, and it went well.

The next morning I got a ride to a car rental place so I could pick up a car and get to Iowa.

I drove from South Dakota to Iowa in a rental car. Which I was scared to do for some reason.

To make it even more complex, when I got to the car rental place they were like,
"Yeah we're all out of normal cars. All we have left is this..."

I was then walked over to a huge pick-up truck.

I got a bit panicky.

I had never driven a pick-up truck in my life, but then again I had never driven through farm country either.

As I drove the pick-up truck, through miles of farms it seemed totally appropriate.
When I hit Iowa I passed a gas station called, "Kum and Go".
This seemed hilarious to me.
I had to pull over because I was laughing so hard.
Pulled over on a highway in the midst of endless cornfields, in a pick-up truck, and laughing at "Kum and Go".

Central College is in a town called Pella, and was not very farmish. Instead there were a lot of...windmills. For some reason the town is set up like the Netherlands. It kind of threw me for a loop. I liked it.

The show was also in an auditorium in front of about 200 students. But this time I got to perform with another comic named Brad Lowery.

Me and Brad flipped a coin to determine who would go first. I won the toss, and volunteered to go first.
It went well, and Brad did well too.

All in all, I really enjoyed my first college outing.

Thanks to both schools for having me over.

Now for something random:

I walked past a guy on the sidewalk
before passing him he looked at me and said,
"Hey, do you have a lighter?"

To which I replied,"No."

Then he said,"Yes, you do."

Then I said, "No, I don't."

I then continued walking away as fast as I could so I would have the last word in this "No I don't/Yes you do" battle.

It was looking and feeling good.

I felt really victorious.

Then I blew it.

I tripped.

I didn't fall.

I just tripped.

And I turned around to see the, "Yes you do"-lighter guy laughing at me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Val! I was at your SDSU show & you rule. I hereby nominate you to be the official dictator of earth.