Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I've never been a fan of frisbees.
Not once have I ever called someone up and said,

"Guess who just got a brand new frisbee!? Wanna go to the park and have some good 'ol fashioned frisbee tossing fun!"

But people do this.
They go to the park in a group and toss a frisbee to one another.
I've seen them.

I have never ogananized a frisbee get together.
I never plan on it either.
Yet ever since childhood people have always given me frisbees.
I think that's a weird thing to give someone.
"Here, have a frisbee. Go play fetch. You look like you like that."
People always give me frisbees
I am always told that, "I won."
"Guess what you've won Val!?"
"A frisbee! You just won a frisbee!".

I don't want anymore frisbees.
Please stop.

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