Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.

I spent the last week doing comedy(as usual)
going to all sorts of reunions and parties.

My "10 year high school reunion" was one of these things.
I put it in quotes because it ended up getting cancelled...
Instead, people from my class met up at 3 different locations for drinks.
So in order to catch up with everyone you had to go bar hopping.
It ended up being fine. I only hit 2 of the spots.
I actually liked high school and the people I went there with, so I was happy to see everyone.
I was pretty spazzy in high school, but for some reason everyone was always supportive of my creative efforts. I started out being a shy nerd who played a lot of sports(Soccer,Basketball, Track) even though she wasn't very good at them.
But then I finally found my niche when I wrote for the school newspaper,started hanging out in the art room and joining the drama club my senior year. The drama club was especially exciting because we entered the Massachusetts State High School Drama Festival and ended up winning. I even ended up winning an acting award for physical comedy(believe it or not). We were in the newspapers a lot that year(even the Boston Globe). It was VERY exciting at that time. In fact, after we won the state drama festival a lot of people wanted to join the drama club. Even boys from the football team started showing showing up to audition for plays.
Then at the end of the year I got voted Class Clown.
So this is why I liked high school. I don't remember anything being bad about it or hating anyone. I was lucky to have really supportive teachers and friends.

Blah, blah, blah, enough about that though.

I got to catch up with more friends at shows over the weekend
my Thanksgiving was pretty decent.

I like my friends and family.
I must be boring. ;)

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