Thursday, July 26, 2007

I just killed a huge beetle-esque bug that was walking on my window sill.
It looked like it was limping.
Are bugs supposed to limp?
Large limping bugs are scarier than the other ones(just so you know).

Normally I would have just opened the screen on the window and let it fly back outside on it's own
but this bug didn't seem like it had wings.
It was just huge and limping.
If I had opened the window it would have probably limped out and fallen to it's death
or maybe not.

In either case I squashed it
could have sworn it had bones.
It refused to die.
Killing this bug felt like being in a street fight(I bet street fights totally feel like you're squashing a limping bug).
It finally died.
Now it's in my trash barrel and I'm convinced it's faking it's death
waiting for me to go to bed so it can limp out of the trash barrel when I'm sleeping
then attack me when I least expect it.


Jerell said...

Note to self, never challenge you to a street fight. You will squash me...and stab me with a shive.

marissa said...

I don't like directly killing bugs, I usually just scoop them up with a piece of paper and run to the bathroom and let the toilet do the killing/drowning. :D It saves me from full murder-guilt. Instead I just have accessory-guilt. :D