Thursday, November 29, 2007

Never assume...
A couple of years ago I bought a black and white winter hat.
The hat is black and has a white "B" on the front of it.
I got it while I was waiting at the airport
assumed it was a Red Sox hat.
But now I'm thinking it would be kind of funny if the "B" wasn't even about the Red Sox
it turned out it actually stood for "Bitch".
It was a trick thought up by the person who owned the hat cart.
He just woke up really pissed one day and thought:
I need a way to secretly insult strangers! I know what I'll do I'll open a cart that sells hat's with a "B" on them then people will buy them thinking it shows their support of the Red Sox but little do they know it stands for me calling them a bitch!

So the day I bought that hat I was all happy about my new Red Sox hat
meanwhile this guy is thinking:

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