Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Are fly swatters still "in"?

I used a fly swatter to kill a bug the other day
as I did that I thought,
Wow, this feels so 80's!
It made me wonder if something more advanced has been invented to replace it yet
I'm not aware of it.
Is there a fly-laser-gun that comes with safety goggles yet?
I wouldn't be surprised if there was.
I wouldn't buy it
I'm just saying that if it existed I wouldn't be too impressed.
I'd stick with fly swatter.
I think it's more dignified.


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel the old fly swatter was invented over 100 years ago and it is hard for people to change to answer your question yes there is a new fly swatter invention I invented and ready for the market I believe will tke the place of the old design once people know how good and effctive it is and it don't even smash the fly (yes it does kill insect) check it out at www.sidinnovations.com please pass the word.

Richard said...

Val, that guy really left you a link to a new and improved (if barely) fly swatter! Seriously? Now I'm left wondering if he reads your blog all the time and just happens to have invented a new fly swatter or if he is just obsessed with flies and found your blog on his quest for more fly knowledge. I hope it's the first one, and you made his day. Like he was sitting there, with boxes and boxes of those things filling his living room, so he logs on to see what kind of witty things you have written today and OHMYGOD SHE'S WONDERING ABOUT FLY SWATTERS!!!

Robin said...

I now want the fly swatter pro. It's 10am and impulse shopping is already in play. I will resist because i prefer the attractive hanging strip of tape covered with the dead bodies of flies that never saw it coming.

Sidenote: I have seen solar powered bug zappers. By day the insects are safe -- but by night, muhahhahaa..