Friday, May 29, 2009

Straight to DVD Nightmares

So, every now and then on my blog I have done a thing called
Straight to DVD Nightmares
where I would just type out a dream that was a really bad nightmare. When I say bad I just mean it wasn't at all scary but while dreaming it, it felt scary. Hence the name Straight to DVD Nightmares.
If the "nightmare" were to be released as a movie it would go straight to DVD because audiences would most likely complain on it's lack of nightmare factor.

Anyway, last night I had 2 dreams.
One was a true nightmare with disturbing imagery and all around terror.
Totally the real deal.

The other was somewhat scary(to me) but probably not so much to any one else.
I'll type that one out...

Last night I dreamt I was at CVS and felt that it was very important that I buy a pack of gum.
I seemed to be running late to be going somewhere and was worried because on my way to CVS I had tripped over my own feet and accidentally dropped my GPS into a sewer.
I was convinced this would cause me to be late to the place I was already running late to getting too.
Next I was in a very long line.
For some reason everyone in line seemed to be an anorexic.
All of them were wearing Crocs and they all were buying a GPS.
I asked an anorexic girl in front of me in line where she got her GPS
she looked at me and yelled,
I got the last one. There aren't any left! That's why I'm an anorexic, because I choose to buy multiple GPS systems even though I never travel!

That was when I woke up.

Have a great weekend!

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