Saturday, June 06, 2009

apparently I'm not good at buying vegetables.
I went to a Stop and Shop to buy some zucchini
was in a hurry so just blindly grabbed some cucumbers and assumed they were zucchini.
But they obviously weren't they were wrapped in cellophane and were clearly labeled,
English Cucumbers
I didn't even know there were different kinds of cucumbers
that they were easy to mistake for other things.
But anyway, I totally went back and made an exchange.
I assumed that this would be an odd thing and people would think I was a spaz for returning cucumbers
but there was actually a big line of other people returning stuff.
There was a guy behind me in line who was waiting to return a bag filled with tomatoes.
I was hoping to be able hear his interaction and that it would be,
Dude! I totally thought these were fu@$ing bagels! Can I get a refund?

It would have made me feel better.

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Anonymous said...

i've mistake a cucumber for a zucchini before too. they are kind of similar.