Sunday, August 30, 2009


About a month ago a guy stopped me on the street and asked me for directions.
He seemed really desperate and told me he was late and had no idea where his destination was and that he had gotten lost.
I thought I knew exactly how to get to where he needed to go so I told him the way with the utmost confidence.
As both of us walked away from one another I slowly began to realize that the directions I gave him totally weren't to the place he needed to get to and that I had absolutely no idea where that place was and I mixed it up with something else.
I basically led him somewhere that would have caused him to be even later and more lost than he already was.

So the other day I happened to run into that same guy
immediately recognized him as the guy I gave the wrong directions to.
We didn't say anything to one another.
He just looked at me and gave me a nod of disapproval and walked away.

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