Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Special Kind of Lazy

So, it is common among many comedians to be secretly or non-secretly working on completing a screenplay.
Sometimes I fall into this category. I started writing a screenplay 8 years ago but never finished it.
I just can't motivate myself to sit on my ass long enough to finish the stupid thing.
I'm too lazy.
Oddly, I'm not too lazy to run 13 miles.
How does that work?
Shouldn't it be the other way around?
Shouldn't I be whining and making up excuses for why I can't go for a jog?
It doesn't make sense.
My laziness isn't very practical.
I should probably take a class or find a mentor who can show me how to be lazy the way it SHOULD be done.


Unorthodox said...

It would probably take me 8 years to run that far. So, how many laps you got to go on your script?

Val said...

I have a feeling it would take you less than 8 years to run that : )
I have a many laps to go on this so-called script.