Friday, March 04, 2011

So, about a month ago I registered to run in the Chicago Marathon.
I'm really excited(and horrified about this).
This will be my first time running a full length marathon
my first time going to Chicago(except for when I waited at the airport there many times for lay overs in my flights in my comedy travels).
I haven't decided if I will be running this for charity or just running it for myself.
When I ran a half marathon in October here in Boston, I did it it for charity(Dana-Farber).
I'm thinking it might be wise(for me) to not run the Chicago Marathon for charity just in case something happens(like I pass out in the middle or end of it).
If that were to happen I would be the charity case!
So I think I'm just going run for the sake of running and for the the sake of doing something I never thought I was capable of doing.
If the world is indeed going to end on 2012 I need to get things like running a marathon out of the way!

I'm looking forward to doing this as well as some other running events I'll be doing here in Boston with friends(a 5k race and another half marathon).

As always, my goal is to:
a) NOT come in last place
b)NOT projectile vomit on anyone
c) NOT fall over and die.


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