Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What happened to Sonja?!?!

When I was in junior high I had a pen pal named Sonja. She was from Germany.
I started being her pen pal as an assignment through my 6th grade history class.
I was reminded of Sonja recently and realized I had saved all of her letters because we didn't email one another, we actually wrote out letters and mailed them to one another.
So I read all of them(because I can be crazy like that).
Based on her letters I apparently asked her a lot of questions because she frequently says,
"Valerie, I will try to answer all of your questions but you ask so many of them..."
I also apparently yapped on and on about Garfield(the cartoon/comic strip) a lot because in one of her letters she says,
"Yes, Valerie to answer your question, which I think you've asked me a few times, we do have Garfield in Germany..."
Sonja and I appeared to have written to one another for a span of 2-3 years.
I don't remember why we stopped writing to one another or whether it was her or me who stopped writing but based on her letters she seemed like a lovely person.
I'm going to guess that she stopped writing to me because she got sick of me asking her about Garfield ; )

Wherever you are Sonja, I hope you're doing ok!

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