Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Summer!

I've been doing a bit of running and every once in awhile I'll participate in a running race as a way to motivate myself to get some exercise and keep on running. The motivation comes from knowing that I'll be running in public amongst people who are far more athletic and faster than me. In keeping up with the running and training for these things though I've actually gotten a little bit faster over the year. In some of the races I participate in there are photographers stationed along the race course taking pictures of everyone. Sometimes they'll send out an email before a race suggesting that you smile when you run by the cameras. I've noticed in friends pictures they have taken the advice and appear to be filled with joy as they run by the camera with a smile on their face. I on the otherhand can honestly say that I have never smiled for the camera instead I seem to always(not on purpose) be making a facial expression that suggests I may be just moments away from keeling over...:-D


Oh well...:-)

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