Friday, July 06, 2012

Oh so heavy!

The other day I signed up for a 5k running race. After signing up I noticed that there was a category option one could sign up for called "Athena". To qualify for this category one must weigh 140 lbs or more. I had never heard of such a thing until I saw it after signing up. After looking more into it, I learned that a category like this is set up because to weigh 140 or more is considered heavy and may make it harder for one to run.

I happen to weigh 145. Maybe I should feel insulted that I have qualify for the "heavy" category but oddly I got excited when I found out. Does my being excited about this mean there's something wrong with me?? :-D

Now I regret not actually signing up in that category. What happens if I lose weight and end up weighing less than 140? What happens if I never have the opportunity to run as a "heavy Athena" again?!

I'm filing this under "missed opportunities". I know when I run this race I'll be haunted by the fact that I signed up as a "general runner" rather then "Athena".

Oh the agony!

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