Monday, May 27, 2013

Here's a quick clip of my stand-up from about a month ago:

Give it a watch.
I actually like this clip.

I remember before I had started doing stand-up I always thought it would be cool to do it and be able to do it in a conversational style. Which I thought would be VERY hard and it was hard. At least hard for me. So I think back then this is how I would have wanted my stand-up to be.

If I can dig it up, the next clip I will try to post is a quick segment from the first demo tape I ever made. It was taped in Los Angeles(back in 2000) at a venue called "Luna Park"(I'm not sure if that place still exists).
The best part of that tape actually wasn't even my was when i got a complimentary "heckle" from a woman in the audience. She yelled,
You make me laugh! at me.
The nerve!
She must have been really drunk.

I guess now that I told you what happened there's no need to post a clip of it...

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