Thursday, January 16, 2014

Towards the end of 2013 I was asked if I would like to put my paintings up in an art gallery and said, "yes". This all happened via facebook. As a result,  I ended up having my 1st ever art opening!
It was called,  Ridonkadonkdonk!(Val Kappa's Art Show). 
Here's a picture from outside the gallery:

Just having the title of my show on the front window of the gallery was exciting enough for me but to actually have my paintings hanging there and hosting a comedy show for my opening on top of that was pretty awesome.

My show featured  26 of my paintings and stayed hanging at the gallery from 11/30/13-1/4/14. The opening got a really good turnout and I sold a few paintings. The opening was also a comedy show that I hosted that featured 4 comedy friends and went really well. I pretty much never host shows. I think before this I had literally only hosted 3 or 4 comedy shows in my comedy career. For some reason I've always either headlined: doing 45 minutes to an hour, featured: doing a half hour, or just done guest spots for 5-10 minutes for the purposes of fine tuning newer material and "just cuz".

What a fun way to end 2013!

I can now cross "have an art opening/solo art show at an art gallery" off my bucket list! ;-)

I guess I better think of some new bucket list ideas...:-)

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