Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Hot Air Balloon Incident

This is a picture of a hot air balloon that hangs in my parents' home. It isn't the best picture. It was taken at nighttime(which explains the bad lighting) and it was taken in a rush(which might explain why it's slightly blurred).

The picture was taken on a night in the 1980's when me and my family were spending our summer in Deerfield, New Hampshire. We were indoors when we suddenly heard a loud roaring noise outside. It sounded like a lion and I assumed it was but when we scurried outside to take a look we found out that it was actually a hot air balloon falling out of the sky. It ended up landing in the center of a pond behind our cottage. It was a big to do to everyone who lived around that pond. Everyone came together to help the 2 people on the hot air balloon get out of the balloon basket and get to land.

In my little 6 year old world. It was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. Whenever I could, I would tell anyone I met about how it had happened because I was convinced nothing else this interesting would ever occur in my life.

I finally stopped telling people about it(yesterday). ;-)


The Secret Experiment - Search for Enlightenment said...

That was an epic fail for the people who were in that hot air balloon. I mean are there people riding there? Or just the balloon itself?

I think it was a pretty interesting story to hear about too. It rarely happen or shall I say 1 out of 100 will fail. I just don't understand why did it hang to your parent's gate/backyard.

web design burnley said...

I think that was cute! A hot air balloon in your backyard, who knows it could be like that?

Val said...

There were actually 2 people riding in the balloon. They had mistaken the pond(which was drained out at the time) for the field they were supposed to land on.

Luckily neither person in the balloon got hurt. :-)

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