Thursday, June 10, 2004

Ronald Reagan

I can't believe Ronald Reagan is dead.
When I found out on Saturday, I found myself frantically calling friends, and telling them about it as though I had lost a friend or family member.
And it was all for the wrong reasons.

Sometimes in my act I talk about the first joke I ever told.
It was in fourth grade.
I stood up in the middle of class and said,
"Hey, what about Ronald Reagan is it just me or is he wearing blush?"

The joke bombed.
Not one person in my class laughed.
But I wrote it down in my diary and next to it I wrote,"Someday"(followed by too many exclamation points).
Suggesting that someday, maybe someone would laugh at it.

In the past year, I've started telling that story in my act.
And people laugh at it.
So now people laugh at my Reagan joke, but it's for a different reason then I intended them to laugh when I first told it in fourth grade.

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