Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I went to a baseball game at Yankee Stadium the other day(Monday), with some friends.
It was the Yankees vs. the Mariners.

I've only been to one other professional baseball game in my life
and it was in college at Fenway Park in Boston.
The Red Sox were playing against the Yankees, and it was right when Roger Clemens(the only basecall player I was familiar with at that time) had left the Red Sox to go to the Yankees.
Boston fans starting booing at him when he came out on the field.
At that time my impression of going to a baseball game was that I thought watching the game itself was really boring.
Watching the audience watching the game: very entertaining.

This time around though watching an actual live game didn't seem boring.
I think it's because I've come to appreciate baseball since I was in college.
I still find the audience far more entertaining than the game though.
I was also unfamiliar with the players again...
The only player I really knew that much about this time was Johnny Damon,
which is kind of weird since he left the Red Sox for the Yankees too.

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