Monday, July 31, 2006

A girl walked by me today
and she was carrying a huge pie chart that was framed.
For some reason my reaction to this was to shout(in my head),
"Nerd Alert!"
at her.

Then I thought,
why am I making fun of this girl(in my head)?
I used to be the girl who carried pie charts and graphs in junior high.
Now I think I'm better than that?

Then I started to think that maybe it was from going to that baseball game.
Even though that was like 2 weeks ago,
I think it has influenced me to shout things at people.
Today I just loudly thought the words, "Nerd Alert!"
But maybe by the end of the summer it will tranform itself into full throttle booing.
I'll just start booing at anyone and everyone I cross paths with.

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