Friday, March 16, 2007

Hope you all have a nice St. Patrick's Day(if that's your thing).
I'm not at all Irish, and never wear green on that day
I do tend to celebrate St. Patrick's Day every year
have fun.
I always thought it was weird though
I happen to be Greek but I could never imagine there being a day that's super-Greek where I raise glasses of beer at people
and say,
"Everybody is Greek today! C'mon have some drinks!"
"Eat some baklava! Your Greek eyes are smiling!!!!"

But I find it perfectly acceptable when someone says to me,
"Everyone is Irish today!"
"Why aren't you wearing green today!?".


Anonymous said...

Yay! Comments are back! I have been a fan of yours since the days when you threw candy at people and wore a backpack.You get funnier and funnier.

BitchFace said...

Happy St Patty's Day!!Even though you're not irish,you better be wearing green!Just kidding.On a side note thanks for being the funniest one and making us all laugh!

Mystic said...

Happy St. Patricks Day, Val!I've never seen your stand-up but decided I like you based on your blog.

gmoney said...

you need to come out with a cd!!you are one of those comedians whose stuff I could listen to over and over and never grow tired of.

knowitall said...

The next time your on tv you should wear a green dress and tell fart jokes. I bet they'll give you your own tv show.