Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Road Kill!
I just saw some kind of road kill when I was driving
that looked like a it had both feathers and fur
it was HUGE
the fact that I couldn't tell what the hell it was made it all the more scarier.
It seemed like it was part turkey, part fox.
Either that, or it may have just been a feather pillow with a furry pillow case,
driving by it fast made it it look like a mutant.

I bet someone who has community service is going to get really creeped out when they have to wear that community service outfit and carry that stick with the sharp thing at the end of it
pick up the mutant and/or pillow and put it in a trash bag.
Either that or someone will just pull over pick it up
eat it when they get home.
People totally do that!


Anonymous said...

i like your blog

Jen Hamilton said...

ok, that was "effing" hysterical. I am also a fan of your word(??) "effing", I'm going to start using that one.

turkey and a fox . . . hahahahahahahahaha