Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's as though the tea fairy knew I was coming...
I've been having trouble sleeping at night lately so I went out to buy some chamomile tea as a way to combat that.
When scanning the tea section my attention was caught by a tea called, "Sleepytime Tea".
It had a picture of a bear sleeping in a chair wearing a night gown and night cap.
It boasted of using Valerian root as it's sleeping aid herb.
I was immediately sold and shocked that my original intention was to buy chamomile tea.
Who the hell buys a tea called "Chamomile" that has a boring picture on it's box
when they can buy a tea called "Sleepytime" that has a picture of an adorable bear sleeping on the cover?!
Not me!
I immediately grabbed the tea and ran to the cash register pushing and shoving people out of my way(not really).

The tea works amazing! It made me fall asleep in a short amount of time
I had an intense dream...
I dreamt that I was going to be performing at a college.
Normally when I do a show at a college I do an hour of comedy
that's what I was expecting to do at this show in the dream.
When I got to the venue though there was a huge blinking sign that said,
2 Hours of Val Kappa!?

I immediatey began to panic. I found the person in charge she was wearing a t-shirt that said,
Yes, you have to do 2 hours of comedy. You read the sign right. You have to do 2 hours, Val Kappa. It's the 2 hours of Val Kappa show!"

I walked away from that person and was approached by a guy that was wearing a t-shirt that said,
P.S. You'll be going on after "Heavy -Metal-Drummer-Dude". He'll be doing a 3 hour set of his heavy metal drumming. He usually gets the audience all rialed up and they end up getting into a huge fight. Hopefully your comedy will make them calm down and stop their fighting...

This was when I woke up and was very happy to learn that that was just a dream.
I'm going to drink the tea again tonight and see if I have more intense dreams...

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