Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I think there's something wrong with me...

I seem to like going to the supermarket a little bit TOO much.
I began to notice this problem during my last semester of college(which I spent in LA).
It was the first time I had to actually do real grocery shopping every week.
For some reason I loved this.
So much so that I would invite friends to go with me sometimes.

I think the main reason I like going to supermarkets just comes down to one thing:
I just like an excuse to push a shopping cart down the aisles at a ridicuously fast pace
make sharp turns
dodge all of the other customers.
That's it...
I also just noticed a new shopping cart that has a built in car on the bottom of it with a steering wheel,
where you can put your child.
When I saw this it made me wish I had a child(for a second)
then I got distracted from this thought because I was too busy dodging other food shoppers.

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