Saturday, January 19, 2008

You picked the wrong day! ...
is probably one of my favorite cliche lines that people yell at one another just before they are about to begin fighting with one another.
The other night I heard I guy yelling that as I walked by him.
I was tempted to stop and watch the fight that was about to unfold
I'm sure that if I had, I would have had the cliche,
What are you looking at?!
line thrown at me.
If I ever got into a fight my line of choice would be,
You seem like someone who likes to play 52 card pick up!
I would then follow this up by throwing a deck of cards at my opponents face
running away.
That way I would be long gone by the time he or she responded by saying,
Don't act like you know me!


Love ya said...

I love your blog and your stand-up. I have a feeling I would love any other thing you did too because you're naturally talented and funny.
Keep it up!

Val said...

Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

I was watching clips on youtube of you being a cartoon voice on Home Movies. It was cool and a bit different than the voice you use in your stand-up. Your stand-up voice is a lot more soothing, your cartoon voice is bit quirky. The question is, which one is your real voice????????
This should have been an email instead of a comment.