Monday, June 16, 2008

I was horrified to find out that yogurt sometimes comes in a sac:

then I was impressed that the people who made this product had the intelligence to put pictures of happy cows on the packaging as if to say,
"Hmmm, maybe the happy cows will distract people from noticing that the yogurt comes in a sac..."
Well done, yogurt people!


gollygee said...

I can't handle it when yogurt comes in any sort of spoon-free variety (go-gurt, sac, etc). It disturbs me. And yet, I still enjoy dipping crackers in yogurt. I'm weird. :D

Andy said...

i bet you're one of those people who objects to eating cookie-dough from the sac? get on board or get left behind, sac-nonbeliever :)

Val said...