Saturday, August 16, 2008

Setting and Location

Setting is important.
It can effect your opinion on something.

If you were to see a mouse in a pet store and in a cage you might think it was cute
if you were to see that same mouse in your apartment and it was swimming in your bowl of cereal you might not think it was so cute.

You're on vacation and it's a beautiful and sunny day and birds are chirping in the background. You see a man riding a unicyle and juggling bowling pins and smiling.
What a talented guy! (you might think)
If you were walking through a thunder/lighting storm without an umbrella
for some reason can't seem to remember where you parked your car
suddenly that same man pops up riding his unicycle and juggling bowling pins
smiling ear to ear...
What a fu@$ing douchebag! (you might think)

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