Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What did I REALLY sign up for...

When I first moved out of NY a few years back,
I went food shopping at a Stop n Shop.
When I came out of the store, an enthusiastic girl with a clipboard came power walking my way and asked me if I was registered to vote.
She looked something like this:

Or maybe she looked more like this:

Or maybe she didn't look like either of those pictures at all...

In either case,
I talked to her and told her I was registered in NY but not MA.
She encouraged me to re-register to vote.
I totally did because I figured I may as well save time and just do it now.
So I put down my info on her clip board and we chatted for a bit then I walked away
never thought anything about it.
Months later when I went down to the town hall to double check on being re-registered.
It turned out I wasn't.
I told them about the girl at the Stop n Shop with the clipboard
asked them if that was normal.
They said,
No, people usually don't register to vote at the Stop n Shop...
So the question is, what did that girl use my info for?!
What did I really sign up for?
I guess I'll never know.


Maria said...

Ha. At first I thought maybe it could be a sociology project, but people at the wonderland stop n shop don't get people's name and addresses for sociology projects. You probably just signed up to clean up revere beach.

Rich said...

A while ago in Mass, people stood outside grocery stores and asked customers to sign a petition supporting a change in the law to allow alcohol sales on sundays, but it turned out that the petitions were actually to ban gay marriage.