Friday, February 27, 2009

I got yelled at..

by a stranger
it was all because of a dime.
I dropped a dime on the ground when I was waiting for the subway to come
I just looked at it and thought,
Should I pick it up or leave it?

I left it.

Then some guys comes stomping by,
stops, looks at the dime on the floor, then looks at me and says,
Did someone drop this dime?!

For some reason my answer was,
Yeah it looks like they did..
Instead of,
Yes, I dropped the dime.

The guy seemed pissed off by the dime being on the ground and picked it up and said,
It's a sin to not pick up your dimes!!!
Then he stomped away.
I'm convinced he was wearing tap shoes because when he walked it sounded like a horse was galloping away.

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