Saturday, February 07, 2009

In the clear

I heard some news story that some guy got arrested for some over due fees that he never paid at the library
it reminded me that I actually had some over due fees that I had never paid because of a book that I allegedly never returned in the year 2000.
This made me head to the library and finally pay it.
I have no idea why I never paid
quite frankly I don't recall ever checking out a book called "The Artist's Way"
whatever, I don't feel like going to jail.
That would be such a ridiculous thing to go to jail for.
And I'm sure it would sound ridiclous to brag about it when everyone was saying what they were "in for".

Everyone else would be like,
I robbed a bank.

Then I would just be like,
I never returned or payed for a book that I don't remember checking out in the year 2000 called, "The Artists Way".

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