Sunday, April 26, 2009

Attack of the Bumble Bee
Today as I was waiting to pull onto a highway, I heard a large buzzing noise
discovered that there was a bumble bee in the car and it was flying very close to me
looked like it might land on my arm.
For some reason when this happened I thought:
Don't show it your fear! That will only provoke it. Bees smell fear!
Then I realized this was stupid
decided the smartest thing to do was stare at the bee and send it a telepathic message saying:
Please leave you are kind of scaring me because I didn't realize bumble bees were this furry. Just leave and fly out the window before I pull onto the highway.
Sure enough the bee did leave and fly out the window
I don't think it was because of my telepathic message.
I think it was because it was bored because I didn't start screaming
it saw that there were no flowers in the car.

It happened quickly but I'm pretty sure the bee looked EXACTLY like this:

Be on the lookout!

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