Sunday, November 07, 2010

I've been neglecting my blog.
Time to change that!
I finally ran my first half marathon.
It feels like that happened years ago but it was actually about a month ago(10/10/10 to be exact).
I ran it for charity(as well as for myself) and I'm so glad I did it.
I plan to continue running and will definitely do more half marathons.
If I find I experience no injuries and continue to not find any difficulty in doing them I may make the leap to a full length marathon.
We'll see though.
I'm taking it slow because running isn't something I'm naturally good at.
Some people just have it in their genetics to be fast runners.
Remember those people growing up who ran absurdly fast in gym class or around the neighborhood when you played chase/tag?
Well, I was not one of those people :D
So since I'm not a "natural" I don't want to force too much of it on myself because I don't want my knee, hip or ankle to snap off or something.
I don't think that can actually happen
I'm not taking any chances!

One of the only things I'm naturally good at is comedy.
If I appear to be good at other things it's only because I put an abnormal effort in an OCD fashion at getting better at them.
I'm too tired to remember what else I'm good at right now so I won't bore you with a list.
Do people do that(make lists of what they're good at and post them on the internet)?
I hope not.
Well, I guess you would do that for a resume.
This isn't a resume.
I hope that's not what my blog is turning into.
I have to post more often so it doesn't turn into that.
Have a fun rest of the weekend!

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