Tuesday, June 03, 2014

I appreciate your effort.

A few months ago I was driving down a highway and drove past a large dancing tooth. It was a man or woman dressed up as a tooth and dancing on the road side. It looked like this: 

Their purpose seemed to be to "lure" people off the highway so they would make an appointment at the dentist's office housed directly behind him or her. Or maybe it was to do a walk in exam. It had to be. Why would you bother to lure anyone off of the highway otherwise?

Sometimes in moments of silence, like when I am waiting in a waiting room I will think of the dancing tooth and wonder what they're up to. How did they find out about that job? Was it listed on craigslist? If so, what category did it fall under? ETC or medical? Did the person who got hired have a lot of competition? Or were they hired out of desperation because no one else seemed to want the job? Another part of me worries that maybe they weren't initially hired as a dancing tooth. Maybe it was sprung on them after many years of working as a receptionist. One day it was just announced out of nowhere: Hey Roxie! New policy at our dentist's office. Receptionists will now twilight as our mascot, the dancing tooth! Certainly people will get excited about having their teeth drilled after seeing a human being dressed as a dancing tooth on the side of the highway!
And that was that, Roxie had no choice in the matter.

I wonder if the dancing tooth idea has been successful. Has anyone actually walked in and made an appointment after seeing it? Hey you guys! Just saw the dancing tooth! It reminded me about how my teeth are rotting away! So off course I immediately swerved off the highway to finally make a dentist appointment!

I just hope the dancing tooth is happy. That's all. That's the blog post.