Sunday, January 30, 2005

I don't understand why people make computer viruses.
Why would you bother?
It must be really hard to do.
I could never do that.
It must take a lot of time, attention span, and math skill.
When I use a computer I just check my email and post things on this blog.
That's about it. That's as far as I take it.
Sometimes if I'm feeling really crazy I'll google something.
But no computer virus making for me.
I will never do that.

But if I were capable of making a computer virus
and if it happened to be my thing(because I had suddenly lost my mind).
I would just make a harmless computer virus.
It would just type random messages on people's computers like:

"Get snacks. Now. Get snacks, then rub them on this computer screen. Hurry, I'm hungry."

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