Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I have something else I want to take back.
Remember a few posts ago when I typed about how I hated a person from my past who said that Trident wrappers were edible?
I decided I don't hate them.
That's fine that they said that.
I also think it's fine that they enjoyed chewing on Trident wrappers.
We all have our quirks.
Who am I to point fingers and be hateful?

Also, I said that I didn't care if you told them that I hated them.
I take that back too.
Now I care.
DON'T tell them that.

It's probably too late though, huh?
I bet you went and told them.
Didn't you?
I knew I couldn't trust you.
Big mouth!
I can't tell you anything.
I hate you now.
We're in a fight now.
I'm not talking to you for weeks.

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