Friday, April 15, 2005

But I don't even think I would get hired at the zoo.
When I was in college I majored in Creative Writing.
There's no "Z" or "O" in Creative Writing, my friend!
I obviously wasn't planning ahead...
Maybe I could get the job by being charming.
During my interview I would wear a t-shirt that said,
"Meow" , on it.
I think the zoo staff would be impressed.
They'd be like,
"Wow, she likes to quote cats. She's so hired at this zoo."

Maybe I would have a falcon perched on my arm too.
That would make a good converstion piece during the interview.
The zoo staff would probably say,
"Hey Val, what's up with the falcon?"

Then I would say,
"Her name is Francene."

Then they would be like,

Then I'd say,
"You never see cats and falcons together. I'm trying to change that. Everyday I make Francene read my "Meow" t-shirt. Then ask her if she knows who I took that quote from."

Then everyone at the zoo would be like,
"Welcome to the zoo staff, Val Kappa!"

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