Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cell phones

When people switch cell phone numbers is their old number abandoned forever?
Or is it just passed on to someone else who is getting their new cell phone?

I woke up last night, asking myself these very important questions
knew i would not be able to fall back asleep until I found my answers
because it's things like this that haunt me.

After dialing my abandoned cell phone number, I got the answers I was looking for.
My number seems to have been passed on to a guy with a manly voice.
Rather than tell him my real reasons for calling, I just lied and said,
"Oh I totally have the wrong number..."

I think it would have creeped him out if I said,
"Dude! It's me, Val! How do you like this number? It used to be mine! I hope you're liking it."

So if you ever had any questions about where cell phone numbers go,
now you know.


gollygee said...

That rules. :D

Val said...

Thanks :)