Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Straight to DVD nightmare #2:
Every once in awhile I have a nightmare
it's one of those nightmares that seems scary while you're dreaming it but then when you wake up you feel embarrassed that you were scared by it in your sleep.
Last night I had one of those.
I dreamt that I was on my way down to a basement to do some laundry but I realized I needed to go back upstairs to get some detergent.
For some reason I went to the refrigerator and opened it. It was filled with detergent.
I began to panic.
I ran to a corner in the kitchen
started crying(out of fear)
then I yelled,
I don't recognize any of these brands!
I mustered up some courage then walked back to the fridge and grabbed of bottle of detergent. I walked back down to the basement.
My heart began to beat rapidly
because I noticed that both the washing machine and dryer were running although I hadn't turned them on yet...
A strange bright light was shining from them as though they were pocessed.
I was scared to approach them because I feared the light would cause me to get an unnatural tan.
I'm not one to go tanning but if I do get a tan I want it to be a natural one from the sun.
I decided I needed to put on some sunblock before approaching the washer and dryer.
So I applyed the detergent because the unrecognizable brand that it happened to be was:
SPF 6000.
When I finally got to the washer a comedian I didn't know jumped out of it and asked me if he could try a joke out on me.
I told him that he couldn't because I was busy doing my laundry.
I then looked down and noticed he was wearing socks that didn't match...
I started screaming in terror
dropped my SPF 6000 laundry detergent bottle on the floor.
It spilled everywhere.
That was when I woke up
remembered I had already down my laundry the day before.
This made me feel thankful.

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will said...

I would totally rent that on DVD.