Monday, March 03, 2008

Earlier this morning I caught a news story on tv.
I watched this before I drank my usual tub of morning coffee so maybe I'm getting it wrong...
But basically the story was about a woman who was a mayor
there were photos of her on the internet
wearing a bathing suit that showed off her well toned body.
Everyone in her town seemed outraged by this and acted as though she had broken the law in a very shocking way.
Many were quoted as saying things like,
This just doesn't happen in our town!
I guess the woman isn't mayor anymore because of her "shocking" photos.
I just don't get why everyone flipped out about this.
If I lived somewhere where the mayor had photos of herself on the internet looking fit and was asked to give a quote about it, I would have been quoted as saying,
Good for her! She looks like she can do a chin-up. I like my people in charge to look like they don't lounge on the couch all day.

Maybe I got the story wrong though.
Maybe there was a huge chunk I missed that talked about her putting the photos up on the interent because she was whoring herself out like a prostitute.
Like I said, I watched the story early and without having my daily dose of caffeine...

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